Wet floor caution sign on hotel corridor floor.

Know Your Rights After a Slip and Fall Injury

Slip and fall accidents happen in stores all the time. Patrons need to know their rights if they are ever injured in a store slip and fall accident, even if the accident just caused a painful bruise. Slip and fall accidents are also notorious for causing debilitating injuries that can affect the victim for the rest of their life. When store slip and fall injuries happen, the victim should immediate contact a personal injury lawyer to find out their rights.

Personal injuries can bring about a confusing and hurtful time in one’s life. You may be so injured that you can’t go to work for a time. Lost wages and medical bills can begin to mount up and your frustration and stress levels can reach through the roof. There have been store slip and fall accidents that have even left the victim paralyzed and in a wheel chair for the remainder of their life. These kinds of injuries are not to be taken lightly.

When a slip and fall accident happens the victim needs to seek immediate medical attention. Store slip and fall accident victims have the right to have their medical bills covered by the commercial establishment where the accident occurred. These kinds of accidents are often caused by negligence. Perhaps the floor was wet and signs were not posted. Maybe the floor had just been waxed and was too slippery. Another reason may be that some object on the floor caused the patron to slip and fall, or the floor was uneven, etc. No matter what the reason, the accident victim has a right to file a claim for compensation.

The first thing the victim needs to do is to document their accident. They should then immediately call their attorney to report the accident and to find out what their rights to compensation are. Personal injury attorneys are the best types of attorneys to get legal help from in cases of store slip and fall accidents. Personal injury attorneys will protect your rights and ensure that you will not be taken advantage of by store and insurance company lawyers.

When you go to a personal injury lawyer they will take store slip and fall cases on contingency. Accident victims will not be required to pay for their attorney fees until the attorney wins a fair settlement for them. Personal injury attorneys will also make sure the accident victim gets adequate medical treatments for their injuries. If the injury causes life time consequences, a personal injury lawyer will make sure the victim’s medical expenses are paid for the rest of their life. Store slip and fall accident victims should never accept a settlement agreement from store’s insurance representatives until they have discussed their options with their own personal injury attorney. Your personal injury attorney should be one that is dedicated to looking out for their client’s best interests. It is important to find a good attorney with an excellent track record for winning personal injury cases for their clients.

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