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Five Suggestions If You Think Your Job May Harm Long-Term Health

Working in one job for years and even decades is a great way to a solid retirement plan. However, if you have a job that you believe is causing you long-term health issues or illnesses, it is important to get proactive in protecting yourself, even if it requires you to leave the position. There are a few ways you can go about handling a potentially dangerous work environment to ensure you are protected as much as possible at all times.

1. Say Something and Report It

Talk to your boss or supervisor regarding the illness or injury you believe has been caused by your work itself or the environment you are in. Be sure to document the report when you speak up. It is also possible to inform other staff members of this issue if you are not being heard as you should in your workplace.

2. Document Your Health and Any Injuries

Documenting your health and any injuries you have sustained from your workplace is also a requirement if you are looking to move forward with any legal action or case you have in mind. Be sure to visit a doctor’s office or an emergency room to have yourself looked at thoroughly and to have your medical conditions documented officially. It is also advisable to take photos or video of any illnesses, rashes or other physical symptoms you are able to show to prove your case.

3. File a Complaint

File an official complaint within your workplace regarding your health condition or injuries you have sustained while on the job. If your complaint is disregarded or ignored altogether, it may be time to consider legal action.

4. Gather Evidence and Documentation

Gather as much evidence and documentation on your case that you have available, including doctor visit records, hospital records and photos of all of your injuries or physical symptoms that are occurring due to the environment of your workplace.

5. Meet With an Attorney Regarding Worker’s Compensation

Meeting with an attorney regarding worker’s compensation is one of the last steps to taking a workplace to court for injuries or health problems such as illnesses and disease. Firms services can help with a wide range of cases, including worker’s compensation.  Organize all of the evidence and documentation you have regarding your case in chronological order, making it much easier to review your case and begin working on it immediately. Once you meet with an attorney, you can then begin discussing options you have available to you as far as compensation depending on your evidence and the severity of the illnesses or injuries you have.

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